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Feb 14 2014

Beer In Plastic Bottles? Thanks But No Thanks.

Beer in plastic bottles? What is this world coming to?! This is moving in the wrong direction when we really need to be severing our dependency on plastic.

Jan 28 2014

Aluminum Cans Are A Premium Packaging Option Craft Brewers (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal: “By putting their exceptional beer in Ball cans, Pizza Port Brewing Company further confirms that aluminum cans are a premium packaging option for many of the best craft brewers in America” “”Aluminum cans are helping craft brewers differentiate their products while realizing efficiencies in operating costs and energy savings.”  

Jan 8 2014

Aluminum Soaring To All-Time Highs

“Aluminum premiums, or costs to get metal out of storage, have soared to all-time highs in the United States with Europe and Asia close behind as smelters shut and spare metal is snatched up by traders for collateral in financing deals” PopSeal – THE solution for the aluminum canning industry. Why? Popseal uses less aluminum. […]

Jan 3 2014

Aluminum Market To Grow 5.9% Over Next Four Years

“Global Aluminum market to grow at a CAGR of 5.90 percent over the period 2013-2018. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the use of aluminum in the Automotive industry.” A key PopSeal benefit? Our technology uses LESS aluminum than the current can top with tab.

Dec 20 2013

Plastic Bottles Linked To Migraines

According to a study at Kansas University, they have discovered a link in a chemical used in plastic bottles as a trigger to migraines. Read more:

Dec 2 2013

Novelis Has Seen 25% Increase In Aluminum Demand From Auto Industry

“For now, though, demand is growing, and carmakers are one reason why. Lighter car bodies mean more fuel efficiency, better acceleration and braking, and lower carbon emissions. Novelis has seen a 25% increase in demand from the motor industry in the last year, most of it coming from one of its biggest customers, Jaguar Land Rover, […]