Revolutionary Spill-proof, No Tab, Resealable Aluminum Can Top

PopSeal® is the world’s first self-closing, resealable aluminum can top created for the beer and soft drink industry. We are setting out to revolutionize the beverage industry much like the original pop-top did almost 40 years ago. Annually, over 600 billion aluminum cans are shipped across the globe, and the industry has been unsuccessful in commercializing an all aluminum beverage can top that is both self-closing and resealable, while remaining compatible with existing manufacturing and recycling methods. Until now.

PopSeal® is a US patented technology and has an expansive portfolio of pending applications in the United States and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) countries. With PopSeal® technology, we can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the beverage industry, while at the same time, provide consumers with a more environmentally friendly product that is both spill-proof and resealable.

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